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Flowers of Africa

A booklette that is highly recommended for African American children, their parents, and their teachers. Written in poetic form and illustrated by a 15-year old student, it acknowledges African history, the struggle through slavery, black pride, and hopes for the future. Printed on durable card stock.


Only $3.95! |

Inspirational Booklet



This booklet is strong enough to stand on a table or desk; so, you can display & change your poem choice each day.


The beautiful cover was painted by Award-Winning Artist, P.J. Stewart. (


 Most Popular Inspirational Poems included:


  • "Each Day"
  • "I Look to Jesus"
  • "God is my Strength"
  • "From Burden to Blessing"
  • "When I See Jesus"
  • "Again and Again, God"
  • "With You Jesus"
  • "God is Still There" - Bonus


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A Second Chance at Love


 Sometimes in life we are given a second chance with someone we loved in the past.


This poem highlights these feelings for

those who reunite.

Someone You Loved Has Gone



    for loss of loved ones


We can modify this poem for the loss of a Mother, Father, Husband,Wife etc.

e.g., "The Husband You Loved Has Gone." 


Don't forget; we can, also, add your loved one's picture to the poem.

What Is A Strong Black Man?



This poem was written by a very talented poet, Shanta W.


Shanta describes a Black Man in a way, I believe, we all will agree with.