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Inspiration, Faith

Each Day

Each Day

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Lord, let me rise in the morning with thanksgiving
And joy , For through the night you've kept me
From tragedy and harm.

Lord let me start each day
with meditation on you
Knowing you will be with me
All the day through.
And as I meet others
Keep a smile upon my face.
Help me to love..........
As you've done through your grace

Help me to not be
Since others' shoes
I've not walked in.

Let me show through words and
actions, what it means to be
a friend.

Let me give words of encouragement
To those who are in need
Lord, use me as your vessel
Use me, as you please.

And if I meet a challenge
As I travel on my way
Let me look, at once to you Lord
And from your promises, LET NOT,
My mind stray.

For, I know
No Matter how hard the battle
No matter
How cold the way may seem
For you'll be with me to the end.

Copyright 1996 S.A. Bynum

I Look To Jesus (Bookmark)

I Look To Jesus

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When I am distressed
I look to Jesus

When my soul longs for rest, I look to Jesus

When burdens overtake me
and loved ones forsake me

I look to Jesus

When I'm filled with despair
and it seems no one cares
I look to Jesus

When I don't know which way to turn
When peace my hear yearns
I look to Jesus

Whether happy or sad
Discouraged or glad
I, still, look to Jesus

In sickness or health
In financial need or with
Abundant wealth
I will ALWAYS look...
to Jesus


Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Hebrews 12:2

Copyright 2002 S. Angela Bynum

God Is Still Right There (Bookmark)

God Is Still Right There

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In this life we face many sorrows
Sometimes we feel alone
Sometimes burdens almost overtake us
Just remember our God is on the throne.

No matter how bleak things appear
Be still and know that God is near
Though invisible he may be
He'll let you feel his presence
So don't you fear.

Yes, we struggle day by day and
difficulties often come our way
Sometimes we feel we're at our wits end
Praying the same prayers again and again

But be assured this battle you'll win
For our savior, Jesus, is a loyal friend
Through faith in Christ, release your cares

In the midst of your trials
Know that God is still right there.

For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7

Copyright 2002 S. Angela Bynum

God Is My Strength (Bookmark)

Each Day

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In my darkest hours
When I'm deep in a wilderness situation
God is my Strength

When I am facing grief, loneliness,
Depression and challenges which appear
To have no end
God is my strength

When things appear to be at their worse
And I am feeling weak and weary
I will look to the hills
Where I can find help
For, I know, Jesus is with me
And God is my strength.

When others ask me:
How are you able to cope?
How are you able to go on?
I answer, When I am weak, then
I am strong.
For, God is my strength.

My grace is sufficient for thee; for my strength is
made perfect in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9

Copyright 2002 S. Angela Bynum