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Flowers of Africa

A booklette that is highly recommended for African American children, their parents, and their teachers. Written in poetic form and illustrated by a 15-year old student, it acknowledges African history, the struggle through slavery, black pride, and hopes for the future. Printed on durable card stock.


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What Is A Strong Black Man?



This poem was written by a very talented poet, Shanta W.


Shanta describes a Black Man in a way, I believe, we all will agree with.

A Wakeup Call


            A MUST READ

   For ALL African Americans


It is time to take an honest look at

the messages being sent to each other and ESPECIALLY to the children.



Without Warning


              A MUST HAVE

for all African American Women


This poem is one to be read, shared, and discussed; for, it is a reminder of the strength within ALL Black women even  those who don't yet recognize the strength they possess.